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Monday, 23 June 2014

4th July Parade – Facts about US Independence Day Parade 2014

4th July – We all know that the 4th of July is celebrated as the Independence Day of United States of America (USA). Every year a Parade is organized on this day which is known as America’s National Independence Parade which takes place at 11:00 am in Washington D.C. The US Independence day parade is one of the major national event which seeks and draws the attention of all the US citizen and provide them a real meaning of national holiday of 4th July 2014. There are many people who must search for the 4th July 2014 parade live streaming video, people want to watch the US independence day parade live. So here on this website we will be showing the live streaming video of 4th July parade.

Venue of 4th July Parade (US Independence Day Parade 2014 Venue) : 7th to 17th Street on Constitution Avenue.

4th July (The USA Independence Day) is also known as the America’s – Happy Birthday. In the parade of US Independence day, thousands of people and spectators wait and stand on the street to watch the 4th July Parade Live. The parade of US independence day (4th july parade ) consists of military, national dignitaries, invited bands, drum cops and celebrity participants.

As mentioned that the there are various bands are participated in 4th July National parade, all the participating bands are invited from each governor’s office.

4th July National Parade Photo Gallery – US Independence Day Parade 2014 Gallery

  • US Independence day parade 2014

    Glimpse of US Independence Day Parade

  • 4th july 2014 parade photos

    4th July - National Parade

  • 4th july 2014 parade photos

    The US National Parade

  • 4th july 2014 parade live streaming

    US Independence Day Parade 2014

  • 4th july 2014 parade image

    America's Birthday

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The White House of United states of America is decorate like a newly bride on the special event and occasion of 4th July – The US independence day 2014.

Some important information about 4th July parade 2014 – US Independence day Parade 2014

  • Parade Vending Chairman : John Daniels will be parade vending chairman for the 4th July parade 2014
  • Parade floats chairman : Jim Tavares will be the parade floats chairman for the 4th july parade 2014
  • Parade Brand Chairman : Gerald Mederos & Tony Mederos will be the parade brand chair man for 4th july us independence day parade 2014

4th July 2014 Route Map – American Independence day 2014 Parade Route Map

The Parade of fourth of July 2014 (The US Independence day Parade 2014) will start 10:30 am (US Timing).

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